Imagine your church sermons online starting at $9.95/month

Sermon Friend is an online service that provides a simple way for churches to expand their ministries and affect change on a national stage by placing their audio or video sermons online for anyone to listen to or watch. Free Audio Sermons, Upload Audio Sermons

Once a church signs up for a Sermon Friend account they may begin uploading past and current sermons, which are then simultaneously placed in both our Master Sermon Library and an Individual Library for that particular church.

As you may have guessed, the Master Sermon Library, which can be accessed by clicking on the "Sermons" tab above, includes all audio and video sermons that have been uploaded by every church using Sermon Friend. Also, a church's Individual Audio/Video Library, which of course only includes their sermons, can be easily incorporated into their existing website.

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Smart programming lets churches upload new and existing sermons in minutes, without any special training, so that sermons are available to listeners in real time.

User-friendly technology lets listeners easily sort a church's Individual Audio/Video Library by date, speaker, scripture, series, and title. And if using the Master Sermon Library, listeners can additionally sort by denomination or church name.

Spiritual blessing and expand the church's reach for church members, within the local community, and even across the country when sermons are placed online so that they are easily accessible by listeners. Now sermons may actually "live beyond the end of the church service."

All Christian denominations are welcome to sign up for a Sermon Friend account. And of course, listeners, according to their theology, may narrow down the list of sermons they wish to listen to by simply using our powerful sorting tool or by listening only to their own church's Individual Audio/Video Library.

Go green with online sermons and help save the environment since Sermon Friend makes it unnecessary for churches to burn large numbers of sermons to CDs. Listeners may simply listen to sermon's online, or may elect to download and burn to CDs or copy to an iPod or mp3 player.

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