With Sermon Friend, it's easy to build an on-line sermon library and then share your sermons online

  • Getting Started - It's As Easy As 123
    Sermon Friend's easy-to-use service allows you to upload sermons with no special skills or training necessary. For best results we recommend Firefox or Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or later and Windows Media Player.
  • Customize Your Sermon Library Appearance
    Add your organization's name and logo for a custom design appearance. Sermon Friend can even be easily framed within your existing web site.
  • Play Sermons Online
    Sermon Friend provides a way for anyone to listen to your sermons online. From your own Sermon Friend web site, a sermon is launched simply by clicking on the sermon title. Then, you may play, pause, stop, fast forward, rewind and change the volume of the sermon...View Live Example Here!
  • View Scripture Text
    When a sermon is played online, the scripture reference is displayed in the same window as the audio player. With convenient navigation controls, you can move forward and backward in the scripture reference and even move to other books and chapters of the Bible. You may also choose any one of 27 different Bible versions including Spanish...View Live Example Here!
  • Ease of Adding/Managing Sermons
    Using the friendly "Add New Sermon" window, building and maintaining an impressive sermon library is easy! Details about a sermon, such as the date, speaker name, sermon name, and more, can easily be set and changed from one convenient location.
  • Sorting Sermons
    Sermon Friend provides a powerful tool for finding the sermon you're looking for. Sort by speaker, date, title, keyword or sermon series. You can even get a list of sermons that reference a specific book of the Bible....View Live Example Here!
  • Share a Sermon
    Using the handy "Share this Sermon" link, Sermon Friend provides you with the ability to share any sermon in your library with anyone. Simply fill out a form including your name, email address, and the recipient email address, and that person will receive an email message with a direct link to the sermon...View Live Example Here!

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